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The German Basic Law

Germany’s most important book

The German Basic Law came into effect in 1949. But who wrote the Basic Law? And why is it still called the Basic Law and not the constitution? We present to you five interesting facts about Germany’s most important book.

Working times are becoming more flexible

How Germany works

Working at the office from 9 to 5? That’s a thing of the past. People’s working lives in Germany are much more varied today than they were just 20 or 30 years ago. Here you can discover different work models that exist in Germany alongside traditional full-time employment.

Quiz: German cities

Germany extends over an area of around 357,000 square kilometres and is home to over 82 million people in 16 federal states. Germany’s three largest cities are Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. But do you know which German city is the most expensive? And where in Germany the “World Equestrian Festival” takes place? Test your knowledge now!

The games Germany plays

The Germans love playing games, and not just on their phones. They enjoy offline games, too – using dice, cards or just their imagination. Among the Germans’ favourite games are classical board games, but also knowledge or strategy games. Here we will show you what the Germans like to play and what the game trends for 2018 look like.

Quiz: Summer in Germany

Summer, sun, beaches! Summer is many people’s favourite season: They enjoy the warmth of the sun, drink refreshing beverages or take summer trips. Take a guess in our quiz and learn many interesting facts about summer in Germany.