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Germany’s favourite holiday plans

Germans’ most popular holiday destination is Germany. Most Germans like to go to the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, the Alps or the Alpine foothills with their many lakes. But plenty of Germans also travel to other countries. So many, in fact, that they are only outdone as the world’s most eager travel nation by China, the world champion of travelers. 

Humour in Germany

What do Germans laugh about?

Even Mark Twain testified that there was a problem with German humour: “A German joke is no laughing matter.” But are Germans really so unfunny, or is that nothing but prejudice here? Journalist Johannes Göbel set out to search for traces. Here are the results.

Discover Germany

Beautiful hiking trails

Come along on a tour through Germany and get to know four of the nicest German hiking trails: on the island of Rügen, in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, alongside the river Mosel and on the Hermannshöhen.

Germany – land of bicycles

The bicycle is 200 years old

In 2017 we celebrate 200 years of the bicycle: on 12th June 1817 Karl Drais became the first person ever to use a dandy horse or “draisine”, riding it through the streets of Mannheim. In Germany, more and more people are using their bikes – in this article you can learn everything about Karl Drais‘ invention and Germany as the land of bicycles.