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Quiz: How much do you know about German cars?

How many registered cars are there in Germany? And which car manufacturer of today was the world’s biggest producer of bicycles in the early 20th century? Test your knowledge with our quiz about the most favourite vehicle of the Germans – the car. Have fun!

German cosiness

Housing in Germany

If you visit Germans at home, you will normally be received in the hall. There the question arises as to whether to take your shoes off or keep them on. Find out what a typical living room looks like and which piece of furniture is a must.

Helping instead of paying rent

Students have little money for expensive rents; elderly people often live alone in large apartments. The concept of “Living for Help” solves both problems by bringing together students and elderly people.

This is the way the federal elections work

On 24 September 2017, 61.5 million eligible voters will elect the 19th Bundestag. We explain why every citizen has two votes and present the most important facts about the German electoral system.