The Country and its People

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Quiz: Summer in Germany

Summer, sun, beaches! Summer is many people’s favourite season: They enjoy the warmth of the sun, drink refreshing beverages or take summer trips. Take a guess in our quiz and learn many interesting facts about summer in Germany.

Germany in the Eyes of the World

For the third time, GIZ has interviewed people across the globe to find out about their perceptions of Germany. The interviewees include representatives from the worlds of business, science and research, politics, the arts, journalism and many other professions across the continents. Here are the five key findings.

Quiz: How much do you know about German cars?

How many registered cars are there in Germany? And which car manufacturer of today was the world’s biggest producer of bicycles in the early 20th century? Test your knowledge with our quiz about the most favourite vehicle of the Germans – the car. Have fun!

German cosiness

Housing in Germany

If you visit Germans at home, you will normally be received in the hall. There the question arises as to whether to take your shoes off or keep them on. Find out what a typical living room looks like and which piece of furniture is a must.