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The current debate on the concept of “Heimat” in Germany

Germany's new interior minister, Horst Seehofer, is also Germany's first federal Heimat minister. But what does “Heimat” signify? A feeling of home and belonging to a place, a personal comfort zone? Sociologist Armin Nassehi discusses the numerous interpretations of the sometimes controversial term.

Happiness as a school subject

Maths, German – and happiness. This is actually a school subject! Ernst Fritz-Schubert, the former principal of a school in Heidelberg, tells us what it is all about and why it is up to the schools to rouse and maintain a joy of learning.

Brass pop

Brass is beautiful

Looking at the figures, eighteen per cent of music listeners in Germany feel comfortable with brass music, while about twice the number can’t do anything with it. Nevertheless, brass bands performing pop pieces have long been filling big halls. Because it doesn’t always have be traditional.

Seven things you need to know about the Berlinale

Berlin Hosts the Film World: Ten bloggers and film journalists from around the world will report on the international film festival as Berlinale Bloggers for the Goethe-Institut. What is so special about the Berlinale? What is spectacular or noteworthy? Seven facts about the Berlinale.

German on International Mother Language Day

German is the native tongue of more than 100 million people in the EU. Worldwide, some 14.5 million people speak German as a foreign language. To mark International Mother Language Day, we reveal the most popular German words abroad, plus a record-holder and some interesting facts.