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Happy birthday!

70 years of “Currywurst”

The “Currywurst” sausage is an indispensable part of German menus and even if it has plenty of calories - around 500 without side dishes - it has been one of the most popular snack for Germans for 70 years. We say: Congratulations, Currywurst!

Virtual Reality

VR projects ‘made in Germany’

Whether in schools or museums, advertising or marketing, journalism or psychotherapy – people in all kinds of fields are experimenting with technology that immerses users in a completely different, artificial reality. hese ten companies, institutions and researchers are driving the development of virtual reality (VR) in Germany.

Where German is still spoken in the US

Over 300 years ago, German immigrants crossed the Atlantic to reach, among other places, Pennsylvania. Their language and culture continues to influence their descendants, as DW correspondent Oliver Sallet discovered.