Foreign Cultural and Educational Policy: Third Pillar of German Foreign Policy

Foreign cultural and educational policy creates free and independent spaces for exchange and understanding, thus promoting access to culture and education worldwide. This is the basis for mutual trust and stable international relations - especially in difficult political times.

Partner organizations implement projects that fall within the strategic framework of the Federal Government's foreign cultural and educational policy. The Federal Government's most important partners include the German Academic Exchange Service, the Goethe-Institut, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) and the Central Office for Schools Abroad.

Germany connects us worldwide!

The Alumniportal Deustchland decided to see for itself what exactly these partner organizations have to offer Germany Alumni. Germany-Alumna Amanda Henson asks questions of alumni relevant topics to representatives of German organizations at Open House of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. Interviews include discussions with Vito Cecere of the Federal Foreign Office (AA), Astrid Stefani of the Central Office for Schools Abroad (ZfA), Tim Hülquist of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa), Judith Wellen of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) as well as representatives of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the Goethe Institute and, of course, the Alumniportal Deutschland.

Find out what they had to say and watch here:

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DAAD scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) promotes the international relations of German universities with foreign countries through the exchange of students and scientists through international programs and projects. These include the provision of scholarships and the support of students and researchers. It also contributes to the internationalization of German universities, supports developing countries in developing their education systems and promotes German and German language abroad.

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Cultural and educational programs of the Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institute, active worldwide. It promotes the study of German abroad and encourage international cultural exchange. It conveys a comprehensive image of Germany through information about cultural, social and political life. With its network of Goethe-Institutes, Goethe-Centers, cultural societies, reading rooms, examination and language learning centers as well as events and cultural programs, it has been the first contact with Germany for many people for over sixty years.

The Goethe-Institut on the Alumniportal

To Goethe-Instituts's events worldwide (in German only)

Scientific collaborations of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

As an intermediary organization of German foreign cultural and educational policy, the Humboldt Foundation promotes international cultural dialogue and scientific exchange. The foundation promotes scientific cooperation between excellent foreign and German researchers.

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Sponsorships of the Humboldt Foundation

More partners

Numerous German organizations of international cooperation also cooperate in various areas with the Alumniportal Deutschland.

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August 2019


16 August 2019

Dear Dr. Chandrima Pa,
we are very happy to hear, that you have such fond memories of Germany and consider it your second "heimat". We also deeply appreciate your initiative to encourage students and PhD aspirants to consider Germany as their country of choice. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) has an office in New Delhi with a lot of valuable information for students aspiring to study in Germany. I am sure they will be happy to help you if you reach out to them.


We hope this will help you, otherwise feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Chandrima Pa
16 August 2019

I have spent 8 years in Germany, we ( my husband and I) have got our PhDs from Germany and our daughter is born there. So Germany is like a second “heimat” for us ! I am now back in India, it’s been few years and we use our experience of Germany in professional aspects all the time. I have tried in my personal capacity to encourage students or PhD aspirants to try applying in Different universities of Germany. I would like to do more - and collaborate with German research agencies to bring them nearer to a Indian students.
Could you please guide how and where to start.

Alumniportal Deutschland Team
14 August 2019

Dear Prof. Dr. Mostefa Belkhatir,
Thank you for your interest in cooperation.
We would suggest do browse the websites of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) at and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at to find out about opportunities to strengthen the scientific cooperation between higher education institutions.
If you are aprticularly interested in research opportunities, please visit the Research in Germany website at
Last but not least, the DAAD relies on a network of regional offices and Information centres (ICs) in more than 60 countries. Please check whether there is an office in your country.

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