Cultural tips on the subject of equality

Are you interested in cultural tips on the subject of equality? Here you can get great recommendations every week - from and with Uke Bosse.

What are your cultural tips? Do you have books, series, films or music that you would like to recommend? Write them in the comments!

Cultural tip #5: Außer sich

A great book that plays with language as well as with identities

Cultural tip#4: Wir sind die Nacht

What do vampires have to do with equality?

Cultural tip #3: Ebow

Are you interested in alternative German rap music?

Cultural tip #2: Toni Erdmann

Entertainment is inevitable with "Toni Erdmann", a film about a father-daughter relationship.

Cultural tip #1: Freier Fall

The German answer to "Brokeback Mountain". It is a film about the social problems that homosexual people still face today. Please activate the subtitels for English version.

March 2020

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