Cultural tips on the subject of mobility

Are you interested in the topic of mobility or do you simply feel like getting some nice and exciting cultural tips from this area? Uke Bosse recommends a total of five films, video games and books on the subject of mobility. Do you have some nice cultural tips for us? Write a comment with your recommendations and we will create a collection of the best alumni recommendations.

Cultural tip #5: Nneka

Nneka - a German-Nigerian musician who incorporates elements of Afro-beat, dub and raggae in her music. It's worth listening in.

Cultural tip #4: Tschick

In this road movie, two boys embark on an adventurous journey.

Cultural tip #3: See-Saw

The video game is about jumping smartly and to die with the right strategy. Are you curious?

Cultural tip #2: The Cleaners

What happens on the dark side of the internet? Who actually cleans up in the internet?

Cultural tip #1: 25 Km/h

A classic road movie about two brothers who meet again after three decades and fulfill a childhood dream: Going through Germany with a moped.

September 2020

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