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Germany and the United States are wunderbar together

From October 2018 until late 2019, Germany celebrates its close friendship to the U.S. through the Year of German-American Friendship or Deutschlandjahr. The theme of “Wunderbar Together” highlights the strong relationship between the two counties, which is rooted in deep historical ties and shared culture.

Roughly 50 million Americans claim German heritage, making it the largest ancestry group in the U.S. German companies have created 674,000 American jobs. Germany is the fourth largest foreign employer in the U.S. The countries generated $171.6 bill ion in shared commerce in 2017.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Berlin Air Lift, when American “candy bombers” helped the people of Berlin survive the end of the Second World War.

The U.S. is the most popular overseas tourist destination for more than 2 million German travelers each year, and Americans are the most frequent overseas visitors to Germany.

Wunderbar Together will leverage a vast network of more than 200 partners to hold events in all 50 states between now and late 2019. In total, Wunderbar Together will host more than 1,000 events. These will highlight all aspects of society: business, politics, education, culture, science, civil society, and sports.

The German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe Institut, and the Federation of German Industry (BDI) are partnering to launch the Deutschlandjahr in the United States.

About Deutschlandjahr

The first Deutschlandjahr was held in 2005, and there have been more than 40 similar initiatives – ranging from a full year to several weeks – in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, India, and China.

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