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Felix Scheffler

Profession: Teacher and art historian
Exchange to: Madrid, Spain
From: Dortmund, Germany

“Studying as a spiritual adventure.”

Art historian Felix Scheffler went to Madrid to visit the most important institution of art history research. A DAAD scholarship enabled him to write his doctoral thesis on still life paintings in 17th century Spain in the “Diego Velázquez” department and the Prado Museum.

He was already familiar with the Iberian Peninsula when he went to Spain because his mother came from Segovia. Perhaps that explained why he liked everything about Spain.
“I was warmly welcomed into the art history department, where I made friends and established contacts that I still have today.”

“I recommend this experience because a stay abroad automatically involves a constant contrast between one’s home country and the host country. Continually comparing the two results in a critical yet sympathetic attitude towards both countries.”

Further scholarships enabled him to complete his research in Spain. He worked on projects and travel guides, making a living as a freelance author and working at the Goethe Institute in Madrid. Today he works at a German international school, the Deutsche Schule Madrid, where he teaches German and Ethics. He is also head of the teacher training department.

“As a teacher and trainer, my position allows me to emphasise European values every day. At our school, there are pupils, parents, teachers and other members of staff from a wealth of different countries who together are continually learning about the many characteristics of our host country and also about the country that we represent culturally.”

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