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Patricia Suárez

Profession: President of ASUFIN (financial consumer protection)
Exchange to: Rhede, Magdeburg, Bochum, Germany
From: Madrid, Spain

“For me, Europe means freedom, equality, solidarity and security.”

It is for this reason that Patricia Suárez fights every day to create a better banking culture. Having also been affected by the financial crisis, Suárez – dubbed “Wonder Woman” by the Spanish press – founded ASUFIN in 2009 with the aim of establishing a European consumer protection association for financial products.Raised in Spain and Mexico, she now feels more European than anything else. She learnt a lot about religion, language, politics and history when visiting London and Germany.During her first stay in Germany, she worked with the children of migrant workers. Just a few years later, she returned to Germany on a DAAD language course scholarship to satisfy her keen interest in the German language.To this day, she likes to tell her story in German. “We speak German at home when we don’t want our children to understand what we’re saying. But now they want to learn German too, so they can understand our little secrets.”As far as Europe is concerned, she does not see any contradiction between what is perceived as “one’s own” and what is “foreign”. “Within Europe, we need to bring together what unites us and respect what makes us different.”

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Patricia Suárez

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