Why is it important for young s to study abroad?

“When reports increasingly emerged of students having to abandon their semesters abroad because of the global corona pandemic, I dug out an old photo album from the days when I was studying for my master’s. I spent the first half of my two-year programme in the Danish town of Aarhus, and the second year in London. I found myself looking at the laughing faces of my friends from Indonesia, Italy, Colombia, Great Britain, Ghana, Pakistan and Australia. I saw us cooking, us in the library, us in the pub. It really warmed my heart to see those old pictures, especially in these times of social distancing. Those who opt for the same master’s degree course these days will no longer have the chance to spend their second year in London. Brexit is to blame. It’s now Prague rather than London, but the programme is continuing. However, this does show that the European idea can only survive if we, the young generation, live according to it. My studies abroad not only taught me to appreciate the value of Europe and gave me acquaintances all over the world. They also helped me to achieve my goals on a professional level.”


Carolina Drüten

Now working on the foreign desk at German daily “Die Welt”, Ms Drüten is a former student correspondent of the DAAD campaign “studieren weltweit – ERLEBE ES!” in Brussels and London, and an alumna of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree.

Carolina Drüten
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