How can the EU uphold its values?

“60 years ago, nobody could have imagined the level of co-operation, peace and freedom we would achieve in Europe. But we have not yet finished: the corona crisis has shown us that the EU is still fragile. The uncoordinated response to the outbreak of the virus and the conflict sur-rounding corona bonds have disappointed many staunch Europeans. People in those regions most severely affected have felt let down by their fellow Europeans in Germany and the Netherlands.

The academic exchange brought about by the Erasmus programme is a key element in generating a common European spirit. The academic community demonstrated wonderful solidarity when it united to fight Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán’s plan to drive the Central European University out of Hungary. We need more of this. If Europe is to be strong, we must hear the pro-European voices of the academic community even more loudly. We must not take the EU for granted, and must fight for it every day.”

Michael Bloss

A member of the European Parliament for the Alliance 90/The Greens party who was a DAAD scholarship holder on the Carlo Schmid-Programme.

Carolina Drüten
Narciso Matos
Michael Bloss
Nadine Magaud
Wolfgang Kill
Claudia Lima Marques

June 2020