Why is the German-French tandem important important as an “engine” for Europe?

“The numbers speak for themselves: after Brexit, France and Germany will together account for 34% of the EU’s population and 42% of its GDP. Almost half of European research is conducted in these two countries. Being the EU’s two largest economic powers, France and Germany are in a better position to tackle the challenges posed by globalisation, for example when it is a question of reducing the EU’s dependence on Asian countries. This dependence, especially on vital medical and healthcare products, has become particularly evident during the corona crisis. Last but not least, it is very important for France and Germany to jointly overcome their historical challenges: despite their relations having been shaped by war and suffering in the past, they stand shoulder to shoulder today. Their peaceful and efficient cooperation is the best response to the Euroscepticism that is being fuelled by populists in several countries. Only a strong and reliable economic engine will enable the political train that is the EU to keep on rolling safely."

Nadine Magaud 

A lawyer, Ms Magaud is president of the association DAAD Alumni France.

Carolina Drüten
Narciso Matos
Michael Bloss
Nadine Magaud
Wolfgang Kill
Claudia Lima Marques

June 2020