Why is the EU an attractive partner for Africa?

“Positive developments in Africa – such as economic growth and states that are increasingly based on the rule of law – go hand in hand with exponential growth in the number of school and university students. There is a lack of quality training, skills and the attitudes to work that employers require. African states are able to overcome these challenges more quickly through partnerships with the EU. The longstanding relations between Africa and the EU provide a solid basis for the further expansion of win-win partnerships. EU universities for example can offer training in research methods and investments in educational material. In return, they gain access to new fields of research, such as Africa’s rich biodiversity. EU companies can cooper- ate with firms and educational institutions in Africa and support them for example with dev eloping certification and driving forward re-search that will benefit both the economy and society.”

Prof. Dr. Narciso Matos

The DAAD alumnus is rector of the Polytechnic University in Maputo, Mozambique, and the former secretary-general of the Association of African Universities.

Carolina Drüten
Narciso Matos
Michael Bloss
Nadine Magaud
Wolfgang Kill
Claudia Lima Marques

June 2020