What does the EU do to promote research collaboration?

“The EU treaties state that the Union has the objective of strengthening its scientific and technological bases by achieving a European research area. In this context, reference tends to be made to the ‘Horizon 2020’ framework programme for research and innovation, which is based on the excellence principle and will in the future be re-named ‘Horizon Europe’. However, there is also another important element of research funding: member states and regions can use a large proportion of the structural funds to further expand their own research landscape. Saxony, once a poor region’ in Europe, took advantage of this from the beginning. This allowed it to consolidate its reputation as a region of research, and to Europeanise and internationalise science in Saxony. These successes have had a considerable influence on Saxony as a location for university studies: nowadays, almost a third of new students come from outside Germany.”

Wolfgang Kill

An Erasmus alumnus, Mr Kill now heads the Department of EU and International Affairs at the Saxon State Ministry for Science, Culture and Tourism.

Carolina Drüten
Narciso Matos
Michael Bloss
Nadine Magaud
Wolfgang Kill
Claudia Lima Marques

June 2020