Reading in the virus crisis

In times of Corona, when there are hardly any social interactions, many people rediscover reading for themselves. If you would like to spend some time reading through the virus, the DAAD Freundeskreis (“Circle of friends”) is happy to share its drawn up reading list with interested readers.

The list includes titles in German, English and Spanish with recommendations from all over the world. Perhaps there is an interesting book for you that may have been translated into your mother tongue? Have fun browsing and reading!

To the reading list

March 2020


Mubarak Inuwa
4 May 2020

The most notorious pandemic corona covid19,in my country Nigeria,has given a scared life nature to our people and our community.The situation,looked like when there is a civil war.People are not free to move, a great suspicion of the infection of the pandemic corona covid19 virus infection.Those who are not infected, they fear those who are already the victims of the illness.Wearing face mask, is an indication of preventive measure against the infection.But most of our people,whenever one sees one with mask cover, he distant his self from such person.Ipersonally, advocate for vaccination measure as prevention against the impact of the widely spread pandemic corona covid19.

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