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Your opinion is wanted: Subject "Freedom of the Press"

The German Basic Law celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. Freedom of the press and freedom of reporting are secured in Article 5. This is not a given in all countries. What is your opinion? How free should the press be?

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May 2019


Radhika Rannig
10 May 2019

Dear Mr Asto ,
Each one wears an individual opinion on this hotly debated topic.
I am in agreement with you on one point - misinterpretation is an issue but beyond that when we restrict and limit the right of an individual - freedom of expression , we are taking a stand on anything that may be half truth or the whole truth may be ceased to exist.
We live in a democracy and by virtue of which we are to follow the principles of democracy.
Democracy is the foundation of the constitution of our Nation.
In 1949 after the capitulation of the third Reich Germany had been divided into four parts occupied by Americans, Britishers , French and Russians.
Americans and the Britishers merged to form a bi-zone.Later Germany was divided into two parts. GDR restricted
the people from moving to West Germany by building the Berlin Wall.
During this time people had no rights.
Why is a fundamental constitution built in any Nation?

Néstor Asto
9 May 2019

I would first recollect a profound distinction between Reality and truths. This distinction is cited in the book "The Supreme Doctrine" of Hubert Benoit, considered one of the best books of zen written by an occidental author. "There is only one Reality, the Principle of all manifestation, embracing everything (intellectual and otherwise), unlimited and in consequence impossible to include in any formula, that is to say inexpressible. There is, on the contrary, an indefinite multitude of truths, aspects correctly perceived by our mind of refractions of Reality on the human intellectual plane. Each expressible truth is only an intellectual aspect of Reality, which in nowise excludes other aspects that are equally valid; for each expressible truth carries a limit within which it exists and outside which it ceases to exist. Within its limit a truth manifests Reality; outside its limit it fails. Every truth should then be seen as a duality: in so far as it manifests Reality – that is in so far as it is valid – and in so far as it does not manifest Reality that is in so far as it is valueless. This distinction will allow us to connect the notion of truth with notions of the individual and the universal".
Regarding the press we can say that each expressed truth may refer to the facts or to the interpretation of the facts and In general each truth is valid within a limited extent. But even within this extent an assertion is likely to be false, as it does not express reality, when:
1.- Part of the facts are deliberately omitted.
2.- False facts are presented or the facts presented are distorted.
3.- An assertion is made knowing that it is false (it contradicts the facts).
The third fault should be considered a crime. A clear distinction should be made between the journalist and the journal. Every journalist is responsible of what he says or writes. The journal is responsible by the policy and the line of opinion.

Radhika Rannig
9 May 2019

In India, freedom of press is implied from the freedom of speech and expression guaranteed under Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution of India.Every individual has the right to freedom of expression.
Germany and India both being democratic Nations allow its citizens to enjoy the individual rights in a free democratic Nation and not under Subjugation.The Constitution should be protecting individual rights such as freedom of speech and expression and also to have a individual opinion and to be able to put it forward to an institution,community or a governmental body.Any sort of subjugation has no place in a democracy.Every citizen is a free individual to express an opinion or to argue on fair grounds and to fight for individual rights regardless of acceptance or no acceptance.There is no room to
for dominance or a dominant body to govern in a democracy.The government is the parental body in a democracy to make fair use of its powers and reinstate the faith of the citizens by playing fair when it comes to the responsible functional role of a governmental body.
The governing institution is responsible to omit or amend any Article or law that would subjugate individual rights.

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