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Happy birthday!

70 years of “Currywurst”

The “Currywurst” sausage is an indispensable part of German menus and even if it has plenty of calories - around 500 without side dishes - it has been one of the most popular snack for Germans for 70 years. We say: Congratulations, Currywurst!

What people are drinking in Germany

Aromatic, fruity or dry: the summer in Germany has some very tempting cool drinks that are great in autumn, too. A cool beer maybe? Or the once scorned cold brew coffee? A glimpse inside Germany’s fridges and drinks menus at fashionable restaurants show that experimenting puts you in the mood. Four trends.

Barbecuing is a trend

Barbecue: Playing with fire

The sun is shining. It’s warm – or at least, it’s warm enough. Little pillars of smoke are rising above gardens and parks and originating from balconies and river banks. There’s a delicate smell in the air – spicy and aromatic, dry and woody.

Germany’s most popular beers

Pilsner or wheat? Germany is seen as the country of good beer. Here are the regional specialities. Furthermore, craft beer is the talk of the town these days – more and more innovative brewers are producing outstanding non-mainstream beers.

Germany-Alumni report

The Taste of Germany

Why are there so many vegans here in Germany when they have such great sausages? Which specialities should be marketed in Brazil, too? And why do Germans throw away so much food? Humboldtians report on their experiences with German eating culture.