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Germany’s most popular beers

Pilsner or wheat? Germany is seen as the country of good beer. Here are the regional specialities. Furthermore, craft beer is the talk of the town these days – more and more innovative brewers are producing outstanding non-mainstream beers.

Quiz: How well do you know German cooking?

What is the traditional way of eating “Münchner Weißwürste”? What is a “falscher Hase (false hare)”? Answer our twelve questions and find out whether you are a true connoisseur of German cooking!

Germany-Alumni report

The Taste of Germany

Why are there so many vegans here in Germany when they have such great sausages? Which specialities should be marketed in Brazil, too? And why do Germans throw away so much food? Humboldtians report on their experiences with German eating culture.

Germany – potato country

No other country in the European Union grows as many potatoes as Germany does. Every region has its own potato dish. How come? And how did the potato get to Germany in the first place and why is it so popular?

The new food trends

Trends on the plate: sustainable food, homemade food, but also “ultra-local” products are becoming important. Furthermore, street food events and food trucks conquer increasing numbers of German cities.