“Germany, what goes?” Eine Audioreise durch Deutschland mit Dana Newman

We are pleased to present you today our “end of the year special”: Our Alumniportal-Podcasts!

In 18 episodes our host Dana Newman travels through six German cities and visits exciting places and great projects. In conversations with local reporters she also explores typical city features.

Every Monday and Wednesday, new episodes are published in a mixture of German and English. There is something for everyone – The podcasts are also a great opportunity to refresh your German!

Have fun listening!

“Germany, what goes?”

Episode 18: Hole of Fame Dresden

Our audio journey through six German cities has reached its finale. Today we are in Dresden for the last time, where we visit the “Hole of Fame”, a project space and meeting place for the independent cultural scene. Concerts, art exhibitions or performances take place there.

“Germany, what goes?”

Episode 16: Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg

Bringing culture and economy together and connecting them with each other is what the Hamburg Creative Association (Kreativgesellschaft), which we visit in today's episode, wants to do. Find out what the association does and how it supports the cultural and creative industry.


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10 February 2021

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Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed
3 February 2021

This is fantastic and very good this good step for looking the future. your country is a great country by the science in all the branches we can waking to the future.

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