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Guessing instead of waiting

Our Advent calendar 2018

In order to shorten the waiting for Christmas especially for the children, there is a nice tradition: the Advent calendar with 24 doors full of surprises. In our Advent calendar quiz you can open a new door every day and answer a question about German delicacies during Advent season!

Christmas post offices in Germany

Just write a wish list and send it by post to Baby Jesus or Santa Claus – is that possible? Yes! Since the 1960s, the German Post has frequently received Christmas letters from children hoping for an answer. In order not to disappoint the senders, employees in various branches attended the letters and answer them until today.

Christmas markets around the world

Germans love Christmas, and their Christmas customs. Besides gingerbread, Christmas trees and Advent calendars, the Christmas market also has a long tradition in Germany. There are about 4,000 such markets every year. But the Christmas markets enjoy great popularity even abroad.