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Nazarkhan’s dream: migration policy in Central Asia

  • Nazarkhan’s dream: migration policy in Central Asia

    After a PhD in Migration Studies in Oxford, I returned to my home country of Kyrgyzstan and am now Secretary of State for Migration. I know that migration not only holds risks, but also offers a wide range of potentials for the development of my country. Nevertheless, I am plagued by worries, because there is still so much to do ...

  • Nazarkhan’s dream: migration policy in Central Asia

    Kyrgyzstan is a poor country despite its mineral resources. The unemployment rate is high and many Kyrgyz people are trying their luck abroad, especially in Russia. They feel very connected to their homeland and send huge sums of money to support their families.

  • Nazarkhan’s dream: migration policy in Central Asia

    For a long time, my government has ignored the issue of migration. The economic consequences of this attitude are serious: there are hardly any safe ways for international transfers or good saving possibilities. In the field of work and education, there is no coordination with the labor market needs of the countries of destination. In addition, no concepts exist to re-integrate return workers into the Kyrgyz labor market.

  • Nazarkhan’s dream: migration policy in Central Asia

    The lack of cooperation between the ministries also gives me a headache. Communication with the Ministry of Labor and Internal Affairs is not easy and there is often a lack of information. Important institutions, such as the agency for labor abroad, are technically and managerially overburdened and procedures are lengthy, complicated and not customer-oriented. That is why many Kyrgyz people opt for irregular labor migration.

  • Nazarkhan’s dream: migration policy in Central Asia

    Another problem is the lack of statistics: no one knows how many people emigrate and return, how much money is sent back annually by migrants or what further potentials are slumbering within the global Kyrgyz diaspora. In addition, the emigration of skilled workers leaves huge gaps in the labor market. The private sector, which places the issue of migration high on the agenda, is demanding political reforms.

  • Nazarkhan’s dream: migration policy in Central Asia

    I can build on a good relationship with my colleagues in the neighboring countries, with whom I have agreed to organize joint workshops. The issue of improving and coordinating the respective migration laws will also be dealt with. I believe that the participation of Kyrgyzstan in the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) will lead to a better cooperation with Russia and our neighboring countries.

We would like to thank the GIZ Sector Project Migration & Development for providing us with the Stories about Migration and Development for further usage. The brochure can be downloaded in PDF format on the website of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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June 2017

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