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Would you like to find out more about the 2030 Agenda and about sustainable development, or would you like to contribute actively? Do you have any questions and ideas or are you simply interested in this subject? Here you can find our webinars and expert chats, events, courses, games and competitions – and much more besides.

Webinar: Women and the(ir) future of work

Putting SDG5 in relation to “the future of work”, the webinar’s urging question consequently is: How can we achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls in a globalised and digital world?

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Quiz: The forest – an ecosystem at risk

Answer our ten questions about the forest and its inhabitants and find out how familiar you are with the forest ecosystem. Test your knowledge now!

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Alumniportal labs

Our Labs provide space to enter into a joint dialogue and to develop creative ideas and projects and models. This year we discuss the “Future of Work”.

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Action for Sustainable Development

As an official partner of the Global Festival of Action for Sustainable Development, the Alumniportal hosted the “Take Action Lab – Success Factors for Citizen Engagement”.

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SDG Alumni Network Challenge 2017-2018

Alumni networks were invited to develop an idea for a project that will help ensure a more sustainable and better future. Now we would like to present the winners.

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Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World

The “Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World” of the United Nations tells us what we can do to affect change. Write us your suggestions and show that everyone can make an impact with even small actions!

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Challenge #NoTrashDay

Germany-Alumni can play an important role in increasing awareness how much trash is generated in one day and inspiring people to reduce it!

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2030 Agenda: Take a look – Get involved

Nearly 200 images from all over the world were uploaded during our photo competition “Take a look – Get involved!”. Here you can see a selection of the most impressive photos.

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What do you think?

The 2030 Agenda – is all that glitters really gold? Join the discussion on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with us and other Alumni in our Community group “Sustainability”. We want to hear your opinion!

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What do you want to know?

Social justice? Work & employment? Fighting hunger? Stopping climate change? We are collecting suggestions for topics for new articles on the 2030 Agenda. Please write and tell us what you are interested in!


Lab Series “No Future Without Education”

Several “No Future Without Education” labs have already taken place in Kenya, India, Ethiopia and Vietnam. More labs are planned to take place next year.

Lab Series

How much do you know about water?

Answer our thirteen questions about our most important resource and find out if you are a water expert.

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Webinar: Inclusion in higher education

By 2030, all women and men have access to high-quality professional and academic education. If the SDG 4 will be consistently implemented, this vision shall be reality.

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What do you know about 2030 Agenda?

You know the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – but what do the “5 Ps” of the 2030 Agenda stand for? Test your knowledge!

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Hands-On Project “Teaching the Global Goals”

Which team received the most votes? What are the winning project ideas? If you are curious, you can see all projects and, of course, all winners!

Hands-On Project 2017

Ecosystems Of Our Oceans – How Are They Doing?

Invisible microplastics and dying coral reefs – what dangers threaten our seas? Test your knowledge!

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What is the problem with palm oil?

Which products contain commonly palm oil? Test your knowledge!

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Webinar: Open Data and the SDGs

Have a closer look at the meaning of access to information, knowledge, open data and how it is linked to the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.

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Do you know the Sustainable Development Goals?

When are the goals due to expire and to which countries are they designed to apply? Test your knowledge!

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Webinar: What is the 2030 Agenda?

We are offering webinars on the 2030 Agenda and the 17 SDGs which will give an introduction to the topic, explain the background and point out concrete ways of contributing.

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How much do you know about our earth?

Plastic waste, food waste and climate change – how can we improve the world? Test your knowledge!

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