More than 1500 visitors at the German Job Fair in Vietnam

The German Job Fair TALENTBIZ 2015 on 24th October 2015 in Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam was a success. More than 1500 Germany-Alumni and other young professionals visited the fair and had the opportunity to meet with HR-representatives of more than 30 German and local companies in Vietnam, apply for jobs or get information on career options.

Among the exhibitors were German companies and organizations in Vietnam such as Bosch, Deutsche Bank, Mercedes-Benz, DB Schenker or Siemens offering hundreds of employment opportunities.

Mr Hans-Jörg Brunner, Chargé d'affaires of the German Embassy in Hanoi, Mr Jens Rübbert and Mr Quang-Hue Vo of the German Business Association in Vietnam, Mr Marko Walde, the Delegate of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam, and Ms Raphaela Kühn, Deputy Project Manager of Alumniportal Deutschland welcomed the participants.

Jens Ruebbert, chairman of the German Business Association, said demand at German companies in Vietnam was high for personnel trained in Germany and it is expected to increase in the future.

Ms Kühn mentioned in her speech that more than 100,000 Vietnamese living actually in Vietnam, have studied, worked or conducted research in Germany or received education or training at a German institution. Contact with these qualified professionals is highly valuable for German companies, organizations and scientific institutions. Alumniportal Deutschland is designed to further support the exchange between Germany and the Alumni after their studies or research period and events like the German Job Fair contribute to this goal.

Besides meeting with HR-representatives, visitors and job seekers had the opportunity to attend also a programm of panel discussions, presentations, and job application training sessions. Germany-Alumni shared in a panel discussion their experiences on the re-integration into the Vietnamese Job Market. They all confirmed the demand for the competences of Germany-Alumni, talked about the importance of maintaining contacts and networking for the career start, and how the stay in Germany has helped with their career development.

Vo Quang Hue, managing director of Bosch Vietnam is one of the many successful Germany-Alumni in Vietnam. About 24 years ago, Mr Vo brought BMW, the German automaker, to Vietnam and later became the first CEO of Bosch Vietnam. “Nine years ago, Bosch had only 20 staff here. Now, we have 2,297, and I’m planning to recruit another 500,” Vo said.

Another returnee from Germany, Pham Hung Tien, besides working as a project officer at the Friedrich-Naumann Foundation in Vietnam, is representing Alumniportal Deutschland in Vietnam, the largest Online-Community Germany-Alumni in the world.

Bui Minh Hao, director at Daicata International Company, who also studied in Germany, said many returning graduates often start their own business even though they could earn higher salaries at foreign companies.

Nguyen Danh Quy, managing editor at ELLE Magazine, and another Germany-Alumnus, urged Vietnamese studying abroad to return to work in Vietnam. “Returning early to Vietnam and gaining experience here helps for the professional development and increases career opportunities,” he said.

The German Job Fair 2015 in Ho-Chi-Minh-City, Vietnam is taking place within the framework of the 40th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Vietnam and Germany and aims at bringing together German and Vietnamese companies with qualified professionals related to Germany.

The "TALENTBIZ German Job Fair 2015" is cooperation between the German Business Association (GBA) Vietnam, the Delegation German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (GIC/AHK Vietnam), and Alumniportal Deutschland aiming at bringing together Germany-Alumni and further qualified professionals with German and Vietnamese companies and organizations. It is organized within the "Trained in GermanY" initiative, the world wide leading career fair for Germany-Alumni, of Alumniportal Deutschland. Germany-Alumni are people from all over the world who have studied, worked, conducted researched or received training in Germany or at a German institution abroad.