`Trained in GermanY` Mexico 2016: The largest virtual career fair of Alumniportal Deutschland so far

The virtual career Fair `Trained in GermanY`2016 was held on October 26, 2016. Over 2100 Germany-Alumni from Mexico, but also from other neighbouring countries logged in onto the fair venue to visit with the 26 German and Mexican employers ready to talk about career and internship opportunities. German Ambassador and the President of German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMEXA) even took some time out of their busy schedule to record a welcoming address for the visitors and recruiters.

Employers were pleased with the quantity and the quality of the visitors, timing and the virtual platform that was used. 80% of the surveyed exhibitors rate the fair overall as excellent or good and 100% would participate in a next fair.

For the majority (92%) of the Germany-Alumni from Mexico who answered our survey, this was the first time attending a virtual career fair, but almost everybody (98%) finds the virtual platform intuitive to operate and with a comprehensive range of functions. Most of the visitors were, of course, searching for a job or exploring career opportunities, but some used the event as an opportunity to network or attend the webinars. They were pleased with the participating companies, but due to a large number of visitors online (approximately 450 online visitors during the six opening hours), some had to wait a long time to start a chat with the recruiters and not everyone got the chance to do this. For this reason, a follow-up virtual event was organized two weeks later.

Overall the majority of the surveyed visitors rate the fair as excellent or good (71%) and 95% would attend the next fair. And these are good premises to further support the career development of Germany-Alumni in Mexico.

Alumniportal Deutschland and the German-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CAMEXA) thank all those employers and visitors who attended the fair, which was organized within the framework of the Germany-Mexico Year 2016-2017.

If you want to learn more about the participating companies and organisations and the supporting programme, please follow this link.

November 2016