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How are companies equipping themselves for the digital age?

Digitalisation, automation, artificial intelligence ... The future of work is a hot topic in Germany. But what is the international perspective? The Alumniportal Deutschland asked experts in Kenya and Spain about the preparations local companies are making.

Cultural Entrepreneurship Hubs

People working in the cultural and creative sector often lack business know-how. To remedy this, the Goethe-Institut has joined forces with Munich University’s Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship to promote a spirit of entrepreneurship among artists and cultural professionals. It is currently based in three Cultural Entrepreneurship Hubs to open up business prospects for creative professionals.

Unconditional basic income

The same money for all?

Should every person in Germany receive money from the government to cover their basic needs? The debate on a universal unconditional basic income repeatedly comes to the fore. Is this the answer to the transformation of work resulting from the transition to Industry 4.0? Arguments for and against.

Working times are becoming more flexible

How Germany works

Working at the office from 9 to 5? That’s a thing of the past. People’s working lives in Germany are much more varied today than they were just 20 or 30 years ago. Here you can discover different work models that exist in Germany alongside traditional full-time employment.