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Personal Development

Sich selbst managen

author Antony Fedrigotti, German.

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Become the leader you are

author Lindsay Wittenberg, English.

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Einführung in das Mind Mapping

author Helge Raab, German.

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Procrastinate less & get more done

author Harold L. Taylor, English.

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Successful Learning Techniques

author Manmohan Joshi, English.

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Building Bridges across Cultural Differences

author Charlotte Wittenkamp, English.

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Worklife Balance

author Martina Kockler, German.

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Setting Your Vision & Defining Your Goals

author Shenandoah Chefalo, English.

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The Art of Problem Solving

author Arina Nikitina, English.

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The Art of Mindful Leadership

author Karen Davies, English.

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Strategic Thinking and how do I get it?

author Ruth B Mott, English.

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