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Here you will find facts about the German job market, collections of links with all relevant information on the topic of "Working in Germany", guides with the most important steps on the way to a job or articles where alumni and alumnae describe their own career experiences and give valuable tips how to be successful in Germany.

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  • Young African American female engineer operating a robotic welding arm machine in the warehouse factory.
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    © Getty Images/klingsup

    Studying artificial intelligence

    Discovering and applying future technology: find out more about study programmes, interdisciplinary perspectives and career opportunities in this future-oriented discipline.

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    The most important rules of conduct in everyday working life

    Professional etiquette in Germany: read on to understand the rules you need to observe to get off to a good start in Germany.

  • Adult Indian man in wheelchair working at home on laptop in his kitchen and has a video appointment.
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    New working models in Germany

    The job market is undergoing major transformations that are driven by increasing digitisation. And there are concomitant advantages for employees. Here is an overview of the most significant new approaches.

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    Germany aims to attract skilled workers

    Germany is making migration easier for graduates and experienced professionals. Here are the key changes and what they mean for Germany alumni.

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    The inspiring background of Bunye Ngene

    After his German Studies, Germany alumnus Bunye Ngene from Nigeria has established himself as an author in Germany. He writes everyday stories from two cultures.

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    © Getty Images/Koh Sze Kiat

    Tips for your career start

    Four Germany alumni report on what makes starting a career in Germany easier and what should be avoided.

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    © Getty Images/Phynart Studio

    Professionals in Germany

    Germany offers attractive job opportunities for international experts from abroad. Read on to learn about the sectors in which there are lots of vacancies.

  • Dana Newman is an influencer.
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    © Dana Newman

    Dream job as an influencer? The jungle of self-employment

    Dana Newman has made it. She moved from Florida to Munich and is now a successful social media entrepreneur in Germany. She uses her YouTube channel ‘Wanted Adventure’ to narrate funny misunderstandings that are encountered when you're new to Germany. Her videos have since been viewed over 40 million times. But she first had to learn how to work as a freelancer in Germany.

  • Goethe-Institut abroad provide for an increased qualification of foreign skilled workers
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    Study on skilled worker immigration

    Locations with a Goethe-Institut lead to a better linguistic and intercultural qualification of foreign skilled workers who would like to immigrate to Germany.

  • © GettyImages / Ziga Plahutar
    © GettyImages / Ziga Plahutar

    Learning German for professional purposes

    Kick start your career: Anyone who comes to Germany to work needs special language skills. Here are some tried-and-test tools to learn German for work purposes.

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    © Getty Images/Masafumi_Nakanishi

    Digital Job Search Strategies

    Do you also use plenty of newsletters, notifications and other information channels to find out about the latest job opportunities? Digital tools can improve your chances to find a job – if you know how to focus. These three strategies will help you clean up your search and be more productive with your time. 

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    © Getty Images/ Anchiy

    Diversify your application strategy

    You are looking for a job in Germany and want to achieve better and faster results when applying? Then try TASCALLAT, an acronym for a system our guest author invented. It combines a variety of ways in which an application strategy can be diversified.