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The issue of equality has many dimensions: For example, it is about gender equality, equal treatment of minorities, equal educational opportunities for all and the elimination of social inequalities, within and between states. The topic is also anchored in Agenda 2030 in several places, for example in goals 4, 5 and 10.

Much has already been achieved, but, in many places, there is still much to be done in the area of equality. The Alumniportal Deutschland therefore places a special focus on this topic. For example, we have spoken with alumni who are committed to more equality in various ways. In addition, there are comic strips to guess by, cultural tips and many other formats that point out different aspects of equality and encourage participation.

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  • SDG Ziel 10: Weniger Ungleichheiten
    SDG Ziel 17: Partnerschaften zur Erreichung der Ziele
    SDG Ziel 4: Hochwertige Bildung
    SDG Ziel 5: Geschlechtergleichheit
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    Round-up Talk: Equal rights and opportunities

    Five Germany alumni, who campaign for more equality and social justice around the world, participated as experts in our round-up talk. In the interview you will learn, among other things, how the alumni are committed to more equal opportunities and equality and which specific tips they give to other committed people.