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Four scientists, female and male, work together in the laboratory
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    Multilingualism remains important

    AI can be an aid when translating languages. But it does not replace multilingualism. Because languages foster intercultural understanding.  

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    Research stays in Germany as a booster for scientific careers

    International alumni report on their research stays in Germany and how their scientific careers have subsequently developed. In addition, a career coach talks about her experiences and gives concrete tips for planning scientific careers.

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    © Getty Images/FG Trade

    Diversity drives excellence

    Experts from universities and funding organisations discuss the complex relationship between diversity and excellence in higher education and call for a rethinking of scientific potential in higher education.

  • SDG Ziel 15: Leben an Land
    Smoke pollution in Singapore from Sumatra, the national forest being cut down and burned by farmers, and land being cleared for the production of palm oil in Sumatra.
    © GettyImages /MsLightBox
    © GettyImages /MsLightBox

    Save the forests

    Global forest loss endangers biodiversity and our ecosystems. DAAD alumna and alumni joined a digital conference to discuss what can be done to combat it. 

  • SDG Ziel 5: Geschlechtergleichheit
    Photo of a group of women: Capacity-building training course for female STEM researchers in Koshi Province in Nepal
    Participants of a capacity building training course for female STEM researchers in Koshi Province in Nepal© private
    Participants of a capacity building training course for female STEM researchers in Koshi Province in Nepal © private

    More women for research in Nepal

    There are only a few women in Nepal who are working in STEM research. Biologist Dr Babita Paudel has launched a network initiative to change that.

  • Asian businesswoman talking to virtual assistant at her desk.
    © [Translate to Englisch:] Getty Images/alvarez
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    Siri, do you understand me?

    What happens when Artificial Intelligence is confronted with different languages and accents? We took the test and gained some astonishing insights into the interface between artificial intelligence and linguistics.

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    Robotics inspired by nature

    Researchers involved in robotics can discover a lot from nature. Dr Robert Siddall works in the field of ‘bio-inspired robotics’ and has organised a contest to bring young people closer to the subject.

  • Group of women holding hands and protesting together
    © Getty Images/jacoblund
    © Getty Images/jacoblund

    Women for peace

    More than 20 years after adoption of the UN Security Council resolution on women, peace and security, women are still massively under-represented within peace building processes. Yet a shift in thinking is taking place within public perception.

  • SDG Ziel 14: Leben unter Wasser
    Buntes Korallenriff
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    Coral reefs and the dangers of climate change

    DAAD Alumna Dr Jessica Reichert is investigating how rising temperatures, ocean acidification and microplastics are affecting coral reefs.

  • SDG Ziel 11: Nachhaltige Städte und Gemeinden
    SDG Ziel 12: Nachhaltige/r Konsum und Produktion
    Participants of the Don't Litter Initiative in front of the university campus
    Participants of the Don't Litter Initiative© private
    Participants of the Don't Litter Initiative © private

    How to make a university a clean place

    Humboldtian Professor Uchendu has launched a challenging project: She wants the University of Nigeria in Nsukka to become one of the neatest places in Nigeria.

  • SDG Ziel 2: Kein Hunger
    SDG Ziel 6: Sauberes Wasser und Sanitäre Einrichtungen
    Bild von Hani Sewilam, ägyptischer Minister für Wasserressourcen und Bewässerung
    © Courtesy of The American University in Cairo
    © Courtesy of The American University in Cairo

    WEFE Nexus Award for DAAD alumnus

    DAAD alumnus Hani Sewilam has developed a model that extracts six products from sunlight and seawater without producing waste. His main aim is to assure water and food security.

  • Konzept der digitalen Transformation. Systemtechnik. Binärcode. Programmierung.
    © Getty Images/metamorworks
    © Getty Images/metamorworks

    How to communicate your research

    Communication is a key aspect of the science system, and one that is becoming increasingly important. But which format is best suited to which topics and purposes? We have compiled a brief overview of the most effective and innovative communication formats.