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  • Alumni reunion Studienbrücke
    © RUB Marquardt
    © RUB Marquardt

    The First Studienbrücke Alumni Reunion in Germany

    80 international graduates of the Studienbrücke programme travelled from all over Germany to the Ruhr University in Bochum for their first alumni reunion.

  • PhD with entrepreneurial potential: participants in the ‘From PhD to Innovator’ workshop talk about their experiences.
    © Young Entrepreneurs in Science
    © Young Entrepreneurs in Science

    Tools for researchers interested in starting a business

    There are many hurdles on the path from abstract idea to tangible product development. Entrepreneurial workshops like those run by the DAAD and the Falling Walls Foundation can give academics the necessary tools to overcome these challenges, and to awaken their inherent entrepreneurial potential. Three participants in the ‘From PhD to Innovator’ workshop talk about their experiences.

  • © DAAD/Martin Magunia
    © DAAD/Martin Magunia

    The untapped potential of doctoral theses

    Developing visionary solutions: ‘From PhD to Innovator’ was the title of the workshop in which DAAD alumni and scholarship holders had the opportunity to dive into the topic of entrepreneurship in May. A cooperation between the DAAD, the Falling Walls Foundation and the Young Entrepreneurs.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Journalist:innen interviewen eine Frau
    © [Translate to Englisch:] Getty Images/South_agency
    © [Translate to Englisch:] Getty Images/South_agency

    Scholarship for a change of perspective

    Climate change, waste separation, coal mining: the IJP scholarship for international journalists facilitates time-consuming investigation work and thinking outside the box. Alumni speak about the lasting impression of their exchange.

  • [Translate to Englisch:] Vortrag im Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship
    [Translate to Englisch:] Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship © [Translate to Englisch:] Nicola Riva
    [Translate to Englisch:] Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship © [Translate to Englisch:] Nicola Riva

    A matter of attitude

    Entrepreneurial skills are becoming ever more important at higher education institutions. Aspiring and innovative entrepreneurs are not merely the object of research in this respect, but also the explicit target of academic start-up counselling and support. Never before has the step from studies to entrepreneurship been so easy – at least in some towns and cities.

  • © Getty Images/ Zoran Zeremski
    © Getty Images/ Zoran Zeremski

    English-taught master's degrees in Germany

    A master’s degree is seen as an easy route for transitioning into the German labor market. While that can be true for some, there are some common pitfalls you should be aware of – find out here what you should look out for.

  • Young student in library
    © Getty Images/pixelfit
    © Getty Images/pixelfit

    Learning German for Academic Purposes

    German is a popular language in academia, and there are many reasons to learn German as an academic language. If you are considering studying or researching in Germany (or you already do), here are three strategies for learning academic German.

  • Middle East working group
    © Getty Images/FatCamera
    © Getty Images/FatCamera

    Exchange with a diplomatic undertone

    The Alumniportal Deutschland maintains contact among participants in the ‘Horizonte’ community project, which gives professionals from Iran, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon an insight into how German companies operate. The latter can in turn benefit from having contacts in a lucrative market, albeit one that is not always straightforward. A win-win situation.

  •  A woman sits in front of the laptop and takes part in an online seminar
    © Getty Images/svetikd
    © Getty Images/svetikd

    Conversation lessons as an opportunity to practice speaking German and for intercultural networking

    The Alumniportal Deutschland ran a digital conversation course at two different language levels from September to December 2021. The course enabled participants to increase their vocabulary and to discuss various social issues. The format will continue this year.

  • two researchers in the greenhouse
    © GettyImages / SDI Productions
    © GettyImages / SDI Productions

    RISE Worldwide: alumni tips regarding a research internship

    In conversation: why is a research internship always worthwhile? What are the pros and cons of digital implementation? And how do I get the best out of the experience? These matters are discussed by RISE alumna Maresa Schröder and scholarship holder Niclas Popp.

  • © Getty Images/FreshSplash
    © Getty Images/FreshSplash

    Further education opportunities for students in Germany

    For international students in Germany there are different ways to further their qualification for the German job market. Here are some tips to enhance your education besides studying and to create a well-rounded profile. 

  • © Getty Images / LeoPatrizi
    © Getty Images / LeoPatrizi

    Germany: the land of ideas and aspirations

    Germany has been attracting international students in large numbers. But the pandemic has created doubts about studying abroad. Disseminating concrete information about study conditions and providing flexibility in relation to scholarships are crucial in enabling German universities to continue to attract the best and brightest from different continents.