AFRIKA KOMMT! Alumni Network Mozambique

Basic facts about the network

AFRIKA KOMMT!  Alumni Network - Mozambique is a network established by 5 Mozambican professionals from different economic fields, who have participated in the AFRIKA KOMMT! program in Germany. The program aims at providing young African managers from Sub-Saharan Africa with an opportunity to work in Germany and be exposed to German business concepts.

Services and activities

  1. Strengthening close working relationship between former participants, their host german organisations, the GIZ   and German civil society. The network activities include: alumni round tables, counseling and guidance to future participants of the AFRIKA KOMMT! program.
  2. Cooperating with the Office Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in promoting business  partnerships between Germany and Mozambique.
  3. Channeling and disseminating business information and opportunities in both countries.


Mrs Loide Mudanisse

Fon 00 258 82 89 09 38
EMail loide.mudanisse(at)  

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