ASPREA – Asociación de Profesionales con Estudios en Alemania

Basic facts about the network

The Association of colombian professionals with study in Germany-ASPREA, based in Bogota, is a non-profit organization whose objective is to promote the contacts and interdisciplinary cooperation between Germany and Colombia, particularly in the culture and science fields. In addition, the ASPREA members advise new fellows when they comeback to Colombia after they finish the study in Germany.

Services and activities

  • Excursions
  • Publication of the magazine KONTAKT
  • Publication of the Asprea Newsletter
  • Organization of seminars
  • Discussion groups in German
  • Promotion of scholarship programs in Germany for Colombian students
  • Coordinated work with DAAD, GIZ, German political foundations, the Goethe Institute and German Embassy for the promotion of their programs, scholarship and seminars.


Contact person: Alberto Grajales

Email address: asprea01(at)