AYMED - Association of Graduates in Germany

(Almanya Yüksekokullari Mezunlar Dernegi)

Association of Graduates in Germany (AYMED) is seated in Istanbul. AYMED was established in 1990 from a small group of initiatives, which had studied in Germany, was founded.

Objective of the association are the individuals who for various times in Germany, a university degree and have returned to Turkey, to integrate into the work of the Turkish industry and economy and social society support, and in the use of technical know-how in education and science advantageous in the everyday process, assistance.

AYMED has the following aims and activities

a) To the contacts between old and new graduates from Germany, and their integration into their social environment and to promote work, are organized social and cultural events.

b) Through the support of the members tried to transfer the technological experience

c) media and other communication tools help members, the latest technologies in Germany to follow consistently. The new messages in the area be given to the other members know and as far as possible into practice.

d) various professional, economic, cultural studies, meetings, courses, seminars, conferences, congresses and.

d) From various job-oriented club organizes events of cultural, economic and scientific nature as well as courses, seminars, conferences, congresses and meetings, and other similar panel layouts.

e) To make the association's goals and activities are publicized, various sources, such as communication, broadcasting, television, etc. and other media publish.

f) individuals are in higher education issues in Germany advised by club members and supported. 


Website: aymed.org
Dipl.-Ing. Altay Onur
E-Mail: altay.onur(at)aymed.org
Dipl.-Ing. Alaeddin Gülbüken
E-Mail: a.gulbuken(at)simpro.com.tr