International scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Bolashak" fellows Association

Date of creation: March 21, 2001

Council Chairman of the Association: Bauyrzhan Baibek
 “Bolashak” Association has been created to enhance the activity of kazakh youth for sustainable development. The driving force of the Association are fellows and graduates of the international scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Bolashak" as the community of the most progressive and perspective young professionals of the country. 

Universities of Germany played a significant role in preparing young professionals of the international level. During 16 years of the “Bolashak” scholarship existence around 290 people were educated in Universities of Germany. “Bolashak” Association’s founder Gabidulla Abdrakhimov and Council Chairman of the Association  Bauyrzhan Baibek also represent “Bolashak” scholarship fellows educated in the 90th years at Universities of Germany.

Activities of the “Bolashak” Association are currently being implemented in the following areas:

  • Transfer of knowledge.
    One of  main areas of the Association’s work-relates to contribution and development of affordable and quality education for Kazakhstani youth. Association members hold workshops, trainings, seminars and other educational activities on an ongoing basis. The intellectual school of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan is under the patronage of "Bolashak" Association as part of the formation of the intellectual nation.
  • Generation of ideas
    Members of the “Bolashak” Association take an active part in the formation of the expert community  which is based on the application of potential and accumulated international experience. In view of the Strategic Plan for Development of Kazakhstan till 2020 on the basis of industrial and innovation component, volunteerism and expert activities of the Association members currently has the nature of incentives, peer review, consulting and support of innovative initiatives of the Kazakhstani youth.
  • Patriotism
    “Bolashak” Association pays a considerable attention for youth patriotic education. Liaison with “Bolashak” scholarship students studying abroad who regularly hold sports and cultural events. The main purpose of such actibities is to familiarize indigenous inhabitants of countries where “Bolashak” scholars are studying with Kazakhstan. In this aspect scholars of international scholarships of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Bolashak” fulfill the mission of the so-called "community ambassadors ".
  • Charity
    “Bolashak” Association supports and develops talents of children with difficult material or family problems. The patronage of Akkol orphanage is being held which includes organization of master-workshop, and exhibition of works of young artists at an orphanage and several other activities.


The Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, Kunaev St., 12/1 (NDP "Nur Otan"), office ? 411/2

Phone/Fax: 7 (7172) 707-669

e-mail: bolashak.graduates(at)