Cambodia German Friendship Association

Basic facts about the network

The Cambodian-German Friendship Association (KDF) is an association of former Cambodian people who studied, learned or lived in Germany. The association was established by a group of people who wishes to maintain network, contact and relationship amongst them and with Germany for better learning and cooperation.


Cambodia achieves sustainable development actively contributed by competent human resources.


To facilitate the exchange of relevant information, knowledge, experiences, culture, and technology in order to push forward development, make use of members’ profession as well as promote Cambodian-German relationship.       

Core Values

The Association performs its tasks based on the following core values:

Networking, sharing and learning

  • Participation and contribution
  • Promoting participation from women
  • Respect to cultural diversity
  • Transparency and accountability

Services and activities

The Association’s Goal and scope of work include:

  1. Facilitate exchange and sharing of relevant information to members:
    • Develop and maintain association’s database (including website)
    • Organize Annual General Meeting and other meetings
    • Collect and share best practices among alumni or to other members
    • Produce newsletters and distribute to members
    • Create knowledge bank/inventory for members
    • Create and maintain contacts with key relevant institutions including GIZ, embassies, foundations, and other companies
  2. Facilitation that promotes cultural, technological, economic relationship between Cambodia and German and other countries:
    • Maintain contacts and good cooperation between German institutions
    • Organize relevant events including Cambodian-German Cultural Event
    • Invite German resource persons to participate
  3. Facilitate further capacity development for members
  4. Facilitate members to utilize their capacity and potentials to contribute to Cambodia’s development


German Cambodian Friendship Association
Phone: +85512526990
eMail: mlan(at)