Climate Leadership Alumni Network (CLeAN)

Basic facts about the network

he Climate Leadership Alumni Network (CLeAN) is formed by alumni and organizing partner of GIZ’s Climate Leadership Programme (Now called Climate Leadership Plus). It was officially established at the 1st Alumni Gathering in March 2013.

The network's vision is to build a sustainable low-carbon society with a mission to:

  • Facilitate education and awareness on Leadership and Climate-related issues
  • Support, encourage and be part of innovative ‘green’ ideas and initiatives

Services and Activities

  • The network offers three services, Consultancy, Training and Coaching in the areas of:
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Leadership
  • Sustainable Development
  • Renewable Energy
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
  • REDD+

    Ongoing and completed projects

    1. Leadership Potluck (LeadPot):

    LeadPot is an informal, relaxed space to share and reflect on leadership experience. Potluck is translated to mean the open mind, heart and will of participants to share anything they want. This event is free of charge, with a voluntary host providing a place and participants bringing meals and drinks to be shared. A special guest is also invited as a resource person. Participants have benefited from the open-space, as they felt relieved and enlightened after the process of sharing and listening.

    2. Conference Invitations:

    Since its establishment, CLeAN has been invited to several meetings and conferences, particularly hosted and conducted by GIZ. The invitations have helped CLeAN to create and implement new ideas and organization strategies.
    Some of the invitations were:

    • GIZ Regional Alumni Meeting in Vietnam and the Philippines
    • International Business Forum (IBF) 2013, Turkey

    3. National Climate Leadership Plus: Collective Leadership for Natural Resources Management:

    Following the previous Climate Leadership Programme, GIZ and CCROM Indonesia continue to host leadershipjourney trainings at national level with deeper thematic issues. Several members of CLeAN have been hired as facilitators, a coach and resource persons during the 5-month programme. The output of the programme is that participants from NGO, Government and Private sectors create prototypes as part of showing their leadership competencies. This programme ended in May 2014.

    4. MOOC: Leadership for Global Responsibilities

    This Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) initiated by the Global Leadership Academy of GIZ is an online/virtual platform for leadership training, with thousands of participants having already registered. Two members of CLeAN became regional facilitators along with other from other countries around the world.


    Ambiya Pietoyo
    +62 816 740813