Erasmus Mundus Global Studies - EMGS Alumni Network

Basic facts about the network

The EMGS Alumni Network e.V. was formed in response to a demonstrated need for a formal, shared space for past and present students of the Erasmus Mundus M.A. course "Global Studies - A European Perspective" to exchange their experiences and discuss issues regarding their studies and future endeavors. Meanwhile, the EMGS Alumni Network e.V. has extended its activities, promoting Global Studies as an interdisciplinary science and contributing directly to an international understanding.

Services and activities

  • Newsletter: articles of alumni and students, news and events etc.
  • Social Media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter -> News, events and exchange of jobposting and relevant articles
  • Projects: Setting up a career network
  • Events: regional chapters e.g. Career Talks, excursions etc. in the various EMGS cities
  • Convention: Every two years a big homecoming event takes place. In this two-day conference students / alumni have the opportunity to exchange knowledge on research topics in the field of Global Studies or talk about career opportunities (networking)


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