GANES - German Asian Alumni Network for Energy and Sustainability

Basic facts about the network

GANES Vision: Access to Sustainable Energy to All

GANES has a firm conviction that energy is a right of all, for a decent living. GANES is aware of the fact that the North-South and the East-West divide have meant that a few enjoy better access to energy in the world while a large majority is deprived of this basic amenity. GANES believes that community development, sustainable habitats and livelihoods as well as economic growth are attainable for all by promoting sustainable energy technologies. GANES seeks to improve access to energy to all and grow into a spirited and influential network of energy and development experts who support sustainable development in Asia.

GANES is committed to attaining its vision by bringing together the Asian Alumni from German Universities for a collective endeavour. GANES works towards development through concerted efforts and innovations aimed at harnessing and utilising sustainable energy technologies. GANES wants to promote sustainable energy systems and efficient energy management practices in Asia through professional exchange of expertise and experience among the Alumni from different countries. At the heart of GANES ise the application of environmentally safe and socio-culturally acceptable technology solutions. GANES strives to develop access to sustainable technologies and energy applications with particular emphasis on the poor and the disadvantaged, including the marginalised communities, women and children. GANES aims at expanding safe energy availability to all through Alumni Networking.

Services and activities

There have been seven alumni workshops since 2000, one each in Bangkok, Thailand (2002), Bonn/Flensburg, Germany (2004), Bali, Indonesia (2006), Pokhara/Kathmandu, Nepal (2008), Hanoi and Halong Bay, Vietnam (2009), Kathmandu, Nepal (2013) and Auroville, India (2013). Developing country-wise alumni database, linking GANES with Alumniportal-Deutschland, setting up an Indian alumni network are the other important activities so far.


Dr. Arun Balamatti
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