GIZ Alumni Georgian Center

Basic facts about the network

The Alumni Association GIZ Alumni Georgian Center was founded in 2008 by the Alumni of the German organization InWEnt. Today the association gathers 780 Alumni from different programmes (municipal and regional economic development of the South Caucasian region; Institution Building and Human Resource Development for e-Learning in the Caucasus; Development of the VET-system in the Caucasus) of InWEnt und GTZ. Some members of the Association come also from Azerbaijan and Armenia.

The Association is mainly active in the area of economic development in Georgia and works towards the qualification of relevant target groups who are involved directly and indirectly in the economic activities of the country and in different fields and industries.

Services and Activities

The Center offers a wide range of services: organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, training and public discussions in cooperation with other Georgian and international partners, in the field of Vocational Training among others ; building contacts with local, regional, national and international institutions and organizations ; promotion of small and medium companies, consulting firms, support for business creation, collection development and service companies ; service for foreign companies and investors, providing contacts, providing information and support to Georgia; assessment of investment projects and business plans, support for the development of investment projects and business plans, preparation of bank talks and negotiations with financiers, risk management; Research, publication and translation services etc.


GIZ Alumni Georgian Center
Br. Zubalashvilistr. 7
0100 Tbilisi
Email address: gizalumnigeo(at)
Phone: +995 599 433550

1st Chairman:
Prof. Dr. Irakli Shurghulaia
Email address: irakli_germ(at)