Governance Network International (GNI)

Convinced that well-trained African elites who are committed to the values of Good Governance can play an essential role in improving the current political, economic and social problems of Africa through thoughtful and well-networked strategies, African DAAD Scholars under the program Public Policy and Good Governance (PPGG) established in January 2011 the Organization- Governance Network International (GNI) e.V. 

For the achievement of its vision, to promote principles of good governance, accountability and social justice in Africa, the Network intends to channel members commitment to democratic principles towards the promotion of the values and norms of good governance as well as to foster cooperation between civil society organizations from different regions of the continent and beyond in the pursuit of these values.

Particularly, the Organization’s objectives are to be achieved through: 

  • The support of local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in various countries in Africa and cooperation with experts, international organizations and non-government organizations
  • The organization of workshops, seminars, conferences, educational campaigns, seminars, and the publications of scientific papers related to political, economic and social issues on the continent.

    Concerning international cooperation, Governance Network International considers itself as a potential partner in Germany’s foreign policy. In this sense, the Network wants to promote and maintain a good working relationship with German organizations and other international agencies working in such areas as democracy and good governance promotion.

    The GNI currently has 20 members who come from all regions of Africa and also from Germany and Latin America.

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