Heidelberg Alumni U.S. (HAUS)

Welcome to HAUS!

Heidelberg Alumni U.S. (HAUS) is the alumni member organization for all former Heidelberg students, exchange students, professors, fellows or researchers who live in the U.S. HAUS offers a little piece of Heidelberg outside of Heidelberg: Catch up with old class mates, meet new fellow alumni who shared the same extraordinary experience at Germany’s oldest university, stay informed and up to date on research and developments in Heidelberg. Be part of the movement to carry the Heidelberg Motto “Dem Lebendigen Geist” across the Atlantic.

Founded in October 2008, HAUS plays an important role in Heidelberg University’s international student network, connecting its members not only with fellow alumni in North America but also with alumni across the globe and with their alma mater.  

HAUS offers regional meetings, hosted across the country by Regional Chairs and unique local programs, such as networking events, lectures by visiting scholars and more. Also planned are mentoring opportunities for current and former students and researchers and a scholarship fund.  

Website www.haus.uni-hd.de


Heidelberg University Association,

in New York

Fon.: 212-758-3324
E-Mail: HAUS(at)alumni.uni-heidelberg.de