it@ab - The Southern African Network on "Information Technology in African Business"

InWEnt in cooperation with reputed IT consulting firms, IT training institutions, business promotion agencies and universities as well as internet service providers established it@ab in 2000 in the SADC region (Angola, Malawi, Mosambique, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia).

it@ab provides state of the art know-how in the field of ICT and opens e-business opportunities to enterprises, institutions as well as governmental and educational/commercial organisations.

it@ab promotes local business development as well as regional business cooperation and connects the movers and shakers of ICT in SADC.

it@ab stands for cross border cooperation of ICT multiplying institutions. On an international level it@ab offers business contacts and cooperation opportunities with companies and institutions in South East Asia and Europe.

Additional focus of it@ab lies on capacity building for IT specialists. it@ab provides specific training programs to secure a broad know-how basis for ICT on local, regional and international levels.


Ndapewa V. Hangula
Fon: +264 812 500 597
Email: hangulanv(at)

Foibe N. Kalipi
Fon: +264 811 493 050
Email: fnkal(at)