MAGECUSO - Malawi German Cultural Society

The Malawi German Cultural Society (MAGECUSO) is an Association, established by and for the former Malawi students who underwent various training courses in the Federal Republic of Germany or elsewhere but funded by the German Government or any other German Agency. Members join the Association on voluntary basis. Membership is also open to German nationals resident in Malawi.

The following are the goals that MAGECUSO would like to achieve:

  • To bring together all former Malawi Students to Germany and promote a sense of friendship between the said students, German Nationals in Malawi and Germany through social functions.
  • To promote, enhance and improve cultural echanges between the former students and the people of Germany through various activities.
  • To assist, guide and encourage former Malawi German scholarship beneficiaries to have follow up missions.
  • To assist, guide and encourage new Malawi German scholarship holders who wish to explore spheres of cultural exchanges and follow up missions.
  • To develop a deeper sense of understanding of German culture and Customs and give guidance to Malawi students intending to pursue training in Germany.
  • To further the standing of MAGECUSO as a competent, professional and suitable association of cultural and social economic development of the two countries.
  • To coordinate with other organizations which have objectives similar to those of MAGECUSO.
  • To develop a close cooperation with InWent in Germany and its SADC Regional Office in Pretoria as to pursue the above objectives.


MAGECUSO- Malawi German Cultural Society
C/O P.O. Box 190, Lilongwe,
Malawi, Central Africa
Chairperson: Suzgika Walters Mvalo, phone: +265 999 552 711