OCEANS Network - Organisation for Cooperation, Exchange And Networking among Students

The OCEANS Network (www.oceans-network.eu) joins students and alumni, staff and faculty members, partners and promoters of the EU exchange programmes with North America and the Asia-Pacific Region. The Network unites like-minded people with diverse academic backgrounds from the EU countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea.  It offers a platform for establishing new friendships, cooperation and understanding among all people involved in the exchange projects.

The Network fosters the exchange of international experiences, transfer of knowledge and also professional development by creating long-lasting link and provided access to intercultural and practical information on all participating countries.

Members can join workshops, conferences and higher education fairs all over the world, as well as get in contact with the participants of the exchange programmes.. The Network is run by the members, and it offers a perfect forum for creativity and action.