Quality Management Network Zambia (QMNAZ)

Basic facts about the network

The Quality Management Network Zambia (QMNAZ) is a registered association of professionals with experience and/or qualication in quality management systems, environmental management systems, food safety management and occupational health and safety management systems.

The original membership of QMNAZ was drawn from Quality Management students trained in Germany, sponsored by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) between 2002 to date. Thus, GIZ remains a strategic partner and sponsor of the QMNAZ. The membership is now open to other interested and trained individuals working in the Quality Management profession. They shall be admitted as aliate members. The Mission of QMNAZ is to promote and support Quality Management initiatives within Zambia in particular and SADC region in general. Also to share Quality Management knowledge and its advancement as a profession is an area of particular interest. The aim of the network is to promote Quality Management in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Zambia and the South African Development Community region. Source: QMNAZ (Quality Management Network Zambia)

Services and Activities

  • Promotion of the implementation of ISO standards inbusiness organisations in Zambia and the Region
  • Awareness creation through seminars, workshops in the field of Quality Management to make stakeholders in the industry aware of the necessity to get standard certification
  • Provision of consultants related to quality, environment, occupational health & safety and food safety management
  • Research in the field of Quality Management
  • Provision of a platform for sharing knowledge on developments in the field of Quality Management and facilitate training in this field
  • Provision of the Quality Management expertise and advice to the Zambian industry

Ongoing and completed projects

Interactive Meeting on the National Quality Policy and Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs):

On the 24th April 2010, QMNAZ held a Network Interactive meeting on the National Quality Policy and Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs). e meeting’s title was: “What are Zambia‘s challenges and opportunities regarding the SMEs?” is one-day workshop attracted 39 participants from dierent Networks, among them namely: Trade Africa, Customs, Logistic concept, Intellectual Property and the Quality Management Network. ree SMEs were in attendance and the guest of Honor was the Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI).

Guide for the Implementation of Food Safety & Quality Management System in MSME’s:

This guide provides key recommendations for the implementation of Food Safety and Quality Management System in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. It has nine modules covering the following topics: Scope of the Food Safety Management System, Basis of Food Safety for MSME’s in Zambia; Quality Management System (QMS); General Application of QMS; Application of QMS in the Food Industry; Introduction to Food Safety Management System; Good Manufacturing, hygiene and Agricultural Practices; HACCP; and Food safety certication.

Report on Quality Management Participation at the 28th annual SADC SQAM general meeting 18th to 22nd March 2013 in Luanda, Angola:

The Quality Management Network was represented by Edmund Sunkutu from the regional GIZ Quality Management Alumni Network and also standing as Train for Trade Project regional Coordinator. Stephen Mazimba represented the Quality Management Network Association of Zambia having received the invitation from the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry of the Republic of Zambia. Some of the topics addressed in this meeting were: Development of Standards for Sustainable Economic Growth; the relevance of ISO standards in strengthening the organisation competitiveness and sustainability of Companies; Standards harmonisation process in SADC towards facilitating intra-regional trade; and nally Report on Quality for World Market selection workshop under the GIZ Train for Trade Project.

Report on Train for Trade GIZ Alumni Networks exhibition at the Agriculture and Commercial Show in Lusaka, Zambia:

The Agriculture and Commercial show in Lusaka (ACSZ) is one annual event in Zambia that attracts Companies from all over the world, SMEs and Government Departments to exhibit their products and services as a way of bringing the economy in one place and explore trade. e MNZ participated in this event contributing with its wide experience on promoting quality standards of SMEs in the country.


Quality Management Network Zambia shares its activities:

Besides a vivid media coverage due to a sound relationship with the press), QMNZ publishes up-to-date information and material on its Homepage as well as in brochures and public relations materials.

Latest News

  • QMNAZ participation at the SQAM meeting
  • QMNAZ was invited to participate at the second phase of the NQP implementation in April 2013
  • Participation in an SME Trade Fair in Tanzania in May 2013
  • Participation in Exhibition of Alumni Networks and QM in particular in the ZambiaAgriculture and  Commercial Show in August 2013

The large variety of activities of the network include presentations at exhibitions and trade fairs as well as network promoting and advocacy programmes throughout Zambia.


Mr. Stephen Mazimba
EMail: Stephen.Mazimba(at)zm.sabmiller.com
Fon: +260977383680

Mr. Christopher Hara
EMail: christopher.hara(at)zm.sabmiller.com

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