ReCALL - Red Científica Alemania-Latinoamérica

The Centres for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Forestry (University of Göttingen), the Institute for Socio-cultural Studies (University of Kassel – Witzenhausen) and the Institute for Co-operation in Developing Countries (University of Marburg) have established an Alumni-follow-up working group to provide an efficient service for their graduates who come from Latin-America. The three Universities recognised the need for networking in Latin America and thus German university graduates with different scientific backgrounds will be contacted.

The main target group is the Alumni from the Universities of Göttingen, Kassel and Marburg. Network members are mainly from the fields of Agriculture, Forestry, Economics, Business Administration, Agribusiness, and Higher Education /University Staff Development. The Network strongly encourages the participation of graduates who have not yet benefited from financial support offered by German institutions or government. The aim of the Alumni-Network is to carry out scientific conferences, to improve the regional networking and to create a reasonable communication system. 



Dr. Uwe Muuss
University of Goettingen
Buesgenweg 1,
37075 Göttingen - Germany
E-Mail: umuuss(at)

Oficina Bolivia/Suramérica

M.Sc. Luis Rodrigo Pérez
Camacho Agroecology Centre AGRUCO
Universidad de San Simón (UMSS)
Av. Petrolera km 4.5
Cochabamba, Bolivia
E-Mail: rodrigo.perez(at)

Oficina Brazil
Prof. Edvánia Torres Aguair Gomes
Universidad Federal do Pernambuco
Recife, Brazil
E-Mail: serrot(at)

Oficina Costa Rica

Dra. Maricela Cascante Sanchez
Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica
Heredia, Costa Rica
E-Mail: macasa26(at)

Oficina Mexico

Dra. Adriana Elizondo Herrera
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Ciudad Universitaria C. P. 66450
San Nicolás de los Garza
Nuevo León, México
E-Mail: aelizond(at)
and adriana_elizondo(at)

Oficina Nicaragua/Centroamérica

Dra. María de Fátima Bolaños Ortega
Universidad Nacional Agraria
Km 12 1/2 carretera Norte
Managua, Nicaragua
E-Mail: fbolanos(at)