Southeast Asia Green Network

Basic facts about the network

The Southeast Asia Green Network (SEAG-N) is composed of local networks of alumni trained and/or educated in Germany that are based in the Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam who are involved in the Green Sector.  The SEAG-N’s activities are all directed towards the realization of being a network of German Alumni committed to sustainable development in the green sector for the improvment of lilfe in Asia. The main vision is to be internationally recognized as one of the prime movers in the Green Sector by 2020. Additionally, SEAG-N identifies their primary goals as the advocacy of Green Sector Objectives and the transfer of Knowledge to the Green Sector stakeholders as well as providing provision of Technical Assistance to Strategic Green Sector partners and capacity Development for target groups.

As a regional umbrella network, the SEAG-N is composed of the 6 local networks from the following countries:

Services and activities

The SEAG-N offers the diverse expertise of its members for the following:

  • Training, Consultancy, and Capacity Building
  • Research and Studies
  • Event Organization
  • Networking and Learning Exchanges


Mr. Pao Him
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

EMail paohim(at)

Fon +855 23 860 110
Fax +855 23 212 783
Mobile +855 12 45 17 54