The Association of Zambia Alumni of Germany (AZAG)

Basic facts about the network

The Association of Zambia Alumni of Germany (AZAG) is a non profit making and non partisan alumni organization. Its main goal is to contribute to the social, economic, cultural, educational and environmental development of Zambia through its activities, with the involvement and cooperation of its members, networks and partners. AZAG was formed to serve the interests of various individuals and groups of individuals who have been trained in Germany or have been recipients of German scholarships. The membership is thus drawn from these constituencies.

In the pursuit of its mandate, the association endeavours to provide a platform for continued interaction for both professional and social development. It also seeks to provide avenues for cultural linkages with Germany as a country and German institutions and corporates for purposes of fostering cooperation in areas of cultural and economic development of both countries. AZAG is a registered association in accordance with the Laws of Zambia. It was registered in 1997 and officially launched in 1999 in Lusaka, Zambia.

Objectives of AZAG

  • To promote cultural exchange between Germany and Zambia.
  • To encourage technical cooperation between Germans and Zambians.
  • To promote further training for its members through seminars, workshops, discussion fora and conferences.
  • To undertake practical projects through participation of its members with the aim of enhancing the economic well-being of the local communities.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship among its members.
  • To undertake research in various fields to enhance knowledge.
  • To encourage cooperation with other non-governmental organizations, German agencies, etc.
  • To offer support to and coordinate activities of affiliated Alumni Networks.

The networks of AZAG

AZAG currently has 17 affiliate networks organized largely according to specialty: Quality Management (QM), Trade Africa Network (TAN), Waste Management/TOC, Regional Trade, Agenda for Africa Peace Initiative and Conflict Management (AAPICOM), Transport and Logistics, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Global Trade (Customs & Excise professionals), Journalism, Information Technology, Pro-Net, Chance, Local Governance, Sustainable Infrastructure Development, Maintenance, Participatory Budgeting, Local Finance.

Services and activities

The association has been involved in various activities that include capacity building for its members in the form of seminars, workshops, conferences, discussion fora as well as E-learning and advanced training. AZAG also connects those who require training to the appropriate German sponsoring agencies and institutions of higher learning as well as recommending its members for employment and consultancy jobs. The association encourages its members to network with other professionals to maximise their potential. It also offers support to its network members during their various activities including officiating, providing or recommending resource persons and providing information on the latest events and developments in the alumni sector.AZAG has sought close cooperation with all the German Agencies operating in Zambia and has rendered support where needed. Equally, the association has enjoyed extensive support from German Agencies. The association has also been recognized by the German Embassy in Zambia and has always been invited for special functions. In
addition, the German Embassy has availed the association information relating to available scholarships and other publications for circulation to the general membership.


President – Chama L. Chikumbi
Fon +260 966 734247 / +260 977 778383
EMail chikumbi[at] / chikumbcn[at]

General Secretary – Emmanuel Mwanakatwe
Fon +260 979 298145
EMail emwanakatwe[at] / azag.zambia[at]

C/O GIZ Office Lusaka,
Private Bag RW 37 X,
Plot 6469 Kariba Road,
Kalundu, Lusaka, Zambia.
Fon +260 211 291918-20 Ext 158
EMail machushi.nachilongo[at]

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