Zambian Productivity Network (ZamProNet)

Basic Facts about the Network

The Zambian Productivity Network (ZamProNet) is a registered Business Development Support (BDS) Company active since 2008. It is engaged in the provision of capacity building services to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

ZamProNet’s mission is to improve the productivity and performance of MSMEs through strengthening the capacities of local Enterprises in manufacturing and service value chains. us, the company oers a series of training, consultancy and business development services aimed at raising productivity levels among MSMEs in product and service industries and at promoting the use of technology to enhance MSME’s ability to do competitive business.

Services and Activities

The Zambian Productivity Network offers the following services: Training, consultancy, mentorship, business development services, exhibitions, intra region fairs, organisation of the annual Joint ZamProNet Alumni expo and exchange visits training programme in Zambia.


Ms. Elly Siakasasa Mwale
Vorsitzende und Geschäftsführerin
Zambian Productivity Network

Telefon: 0977 748927 or 0955 576328