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New interviews and portraits

Amina Gharred: An SDG ambassador behind the camera

There is no limit to the creative ways in which we can all contribute to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. Amina Gharred from Tunisia is an SDG ambassador behind the camera. We talked to her about how she uses photography to encourage people to participate and protect their cultural heritage.

Olusegun Osifuye: Nigeria in Maps

Olusegun Osifuye could write long articles or hold rousing speeches to draw attention to the political and social abuses in his home country of Nigeria. Instead, he raises his voice in quite a different way: he publishes thematic maps on the Internet and disseminates them via social media.

Dr. Amel Karboul: “I am a person who loves to be free”

Dr. Amel Karboul studied mechanical engineering at the University of Karlsruhe, completing her degree in just eight semesters and coming top of her year. After 24 years in Europe, she returned to her home country and helped shape Tunisia’s future for a year after she became the country’s tourism minister in January 2014.

The German Chancellor Fellowship

A bicycle tour across Europe

João Paulo Amaral loves his home city of São Paulo. And he loves his bicycle. But how do city life and cycling fit together? Thanks to a German Chancellor Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the environmental activist and cycling campaigner had the chance to find out what makes Europe so cycle-friendly.