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Francisco Javier Ortego, Guadalajara, Mexico

Name: Francisco Javier Ortego
Lives in: Guadalajara, Mexico
Period in Germany: June-July 2004, 2006-2007
Educational institutions: Humboldt Institute, Technical University of Dresden

During my first stay in Germany, in summer 2004, I attended a two-month German course. During this time I lived with a host family in the Allgäu region. There I was not only able to improve my knowledge of German and Swabian (one of the dialects spoken in this region), but I also got to know people from all over the world.

‘Contact with people from various countries and cultures has made me more tolerant’

From March 2006 to March 2007 I was an exchange student in economics at the Technical University of Dresden. My studies stretched me not only linguistically, but also in terms of the subject matter. The end of the semester in Germany involves more hard work than it does in Mexico because the marks depend on a single final exam. In Mexico you have a chance to improve your result in several examinations over the semester. The contact between students and lecturers is more direct and less complicated in Mexico – in Germany you have usually have to arrange an appointment in advance if you want a face-to-face meeting with the professor.

I have adopted some German characteristics, such as order, continuity and a structured approach. For example, now I approach things more systematically in my everyday working life. In addition, my period abroad opened up a new perspective on the world for me. Contact with people from various countries and cultures has made me more tolerant towards other opinions, ways of thinking and traditions.

‘Mexicans and Germans are like peaches and coconuts’

People in Germany are direct and sincere, and I like that. When it comes to friendships, at first the Germans tend to be more reserved and ‘colder’ than the Mexicans. They need longer to make friendships. But once you have broken through their hard shell, you can speak of genuine friendships. In this respect Mexicans are like peaches with a soft outer skin and a hard core. The Germans, on the other hand, are like coconuts: hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

‘I still have many friends and contacts in Germany’

At the moment I am working for Panduit, an American telecommunications company. I am employed in its global supply chain management and am responsible for ensuring that our products are delivered to the customers in the desired quality and quantities.

I still have many friends and contacts in Germany and I am planning to go to Mannheim in 2013 to do an MBA. In the long term I would like to work in Germany for a few years, to gain international experience in my professional field.

Francisco Javier Ortego on the Alumniportal Deutschland

Making professional contacts is one of my goals in the Alumniportal. I hope that I can make my career more international through contacts with alumni and companies.

March 2013


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